It’s been a while since we shared our latest magazine featured. Today we are glad to announce that IMWIM is featuring in British Vanity Fair December Issue - The Best Dressed! The brand will be two years old soon and we are so honored to be recognized by so many esteemed magazines at the early stage, especially this time with Charles, The Prince of Wales, on the cover. Honestly, we can’t do it without all your support from the very beginning! We will continue to inspire you and bring you the finest pieces curated by our professional and passionate team every season. Thank you again British Vanity Fair for supporting new brand and giving us this great opportunity to be seen by people around the world! Forever grateful! ❤️🙏🏼 

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IMWIM British Vanity Fair Dec Issue The Best Dressed Cover.jpg
IMWIM British Vanity Fair Dec Issue The Best Dressed.jpg