The San Remo Pouch - Fluffy Cheetah

The San Remo Pouch - Fluffy Cheetah

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San Remo, on the Italian coast is also known as the City of Flowers for the way it blooms in summer. It is a Mediterranean resort town with gorgeous villas known for their Riviera grandeur. Look beyond the resorts and hotels to find the little visited old town with winding roads that come down the hillside. At the base is 25 kilometers of coastal walking and biking lanes. Head back up the hill into San Remo for a well earned and romantic meal at one of the exquisite hotels.  

Add a touch of personal style to your San Remo by mixing and matching the removable pouches. Can be worn alone as a clutch or popped into our San Remo purse.

  • Dimensions: 9"L x 5.5"H x 1.5"D

  • Color: Camel

  • Material: 100% genuine leather and rabbit hair

  • Made in Los Angeles, USA

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